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The Norton Fire Department is continually training in order to provide the best possible service to the community. Reinforcement of basic techniques along with new techniques to meet present challenges is the focus of the training. Department members and outside training agencies are both utilized to provide instruction.

Currently, the Bristol County Tech Rescue Team equipment trailer is kept at our Head Quarters station.This specialized team serves over 20 communities in Bristol County covering some 691 Square miles.

The team was put in place jointly by the Bristol County Fire Chiefs Association and an appointed steering committee. Techinical Rescue incidents are Low Frequency, but High Risk events. They include, Rope Rescue, Confined Space, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse, Vehicle and Machinery Rescue, Water Search and Rescue, and Wilderness Search and Rescue. The team consists of 55 highly trained and dedicated members from area departments.


Tech Rescue Team Training Sessions


Mock Motor Vehicle accident- SADD

May 2013

Student awareness presented in a life like situation where making the right choices are the best choices.


Mock Motor Vehicle accident- Student Awareness- SADD

May 2011

Fire fighters practice breeching walls and wire entanglement in case of self rescue.

February 2010



Fire fighters perform RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) training at Eureka Manufacturing searching for down firefighters in the dark. Pictures have been lightened for easy viewing. The two bottom pictures are from a TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera), which picks up heat sources which helps to locate a down person and hot fire spots in buildings

November 2009



Boat training on the Norton Reservoir

April 2009



Ice safety training on Winnicunett lake . Training included self rescue, victim rescue and hovercraft rescue and operations

March 7, 2009


(Photos by R.Benaski)

The department requires all new members to attend the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy 's recruit training program. This program is an extensive 11-week program covering over 450 hours of training. A wide variety of topics are taught during this program, which prepares the recruits for the career they have chosen.

This past year, each group participated in specialized search training. The application of this method is utilized to find victims in a large area. With the use of search ropes, members are able to stay in contact with each other and have a means of locating the exit. This training was conducted in the dormitories of Wheaton College while students were on summer break. Thank you to all of the Wheaton staff members who made this possible, especially Paul Meade­

Each shift also received training pertaining to natural gas and propane emergencies. This was provided by Bay State Gas. Bay State employees came to each shift to provide classroom training followed by a tour of the LNG plant in Easton . Transport tankers were made available to each group to learn how to handle over the road emergencies. Thank you to Bay State Gas Company for this opportunity.

Many department members participated in technical rescue training provided by the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy . During the combined 5 days, high angle and confined space rescue techniques were covered. Confined space training was conducted at the Cobb St. pumping station. Thank you to Duane Knapp, Water Department Superintendent, and his staff for their assistance. High angle rescue training was conducted at Fall River Fire Department's newly constructed training tower.

Many other training drills were attended, both on-duty and off-duty, by the members of the Norton Fire Department. Most of the off-dutv drills are done without compensation. This is a reflection of the dedication the members have to provide the Town of Norton with the best possible service.

In closing, I would like to thank all of the businesses and individuals that provided assistance so we could conduct training drills at various sites within the community. Thank you to all of the other departments of the Town of Norton for their support. To all of the members of the Norton Fire Department, thank you for your support, dedication, and professionalism throughout the Year. Keep up the great work.