Dive Team
   Fire Prevention



   Norton Fire Dept.
   70 East Main St.
   Norton, MA 02766
   (508) 285 - 0248

The Norton Fire Department Arson Investigation Division investigates every fire including brush, car, residential, and commercial fires. The state of Massachusetts mandates that all fires and explosions whether suspicious or not will be investigated for origin and cause.

These investigations determine whether the fires or explosions are; incendiary, accidental, providential, or undetermined. Upon completion of such investigation, reports are generated for the Norton Fire department, the State Fire Marshall's Office and various insurance companies.

Since the 911 attacks, there has been an increase in suspicious and or explosive incidence in Norton and around the country. Juveniles often obtain information about explosives and incendiary devices through Internet access. This has been on the rise since the attacks on the World Trade Center . Parental control and supervision is essential and is recommended in preventing this type of incident from occurring.

The Norton Fire Department Arson Investigation Division has an available Juvenile Fire Safety Program approved by the state, which encompasses an awareness program to hopefully stop and resolve a possible incident from magnifying to a higher level. This program has had a high success rate for most juveniles.

In closing, if you witness any act of fire or explosives, please contact the Norton Fire Department Arson Investigation Division at 508-285-0255. Remember with your help, we can make this community a safer place to live.