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   Norton Fire Dept.
   70 East Main St.
   Norton, MA 02766
   (508) 285 - 0248

The Norton Fire Rescue Department still remains on the cutting edge of EMS in this area. This year we saw a 10% increase in EMS related calls totaling near 1900 emergency calls. We are above the National average of Advanced Life Support calls with an average of 70% of our calls requiring this advanced care.

In the past 10 years, our call volume continues to increase, however we have not added any additional personnel. As a result, the challenge of trying to continuously do more, with the same amount of personnel, remains difficult. To meet this increased volume of emergency medical calls and maintain compliance with the State regulations, we are in great need of additional personnel to better serve the community.

We operate 2 Advanced Life Support Rescues, staffing them with 8 EMT's and 31EMT-Paramedics. All members of the department are Semi-Auto Defib qualified and we currently have 5 SAD's in various first response vehicles. Ongoing EMS training is mandatory from the Commonwealth and each level of EMT requires a certain amount of train ing. On average, every EMT trains a minimum of 80 hours per year. This translates to approximately 2400 man-hours per year in EMS training. With emergency medical calls still on the rise nationwide, EMS continues to be one of the most important functions of the Norton Fire/Rescue Department.

With our state of the art cardiac monitor, which has the ability to provide 12-lead EKG s, several heart attacks have been diagnosed in the field by the Paramedics and, outcomes have been extremely successful. All EMT Paramedics have received this advanced training and are able to detect and treat heart attack victims quicker and more efficiently in the field. Keep in mind that this is only a small part in the whole system, wh ich begins with you, the bystander, knowing CPR and First Aid, and being able to administer this care prior to the department's arrival, along with businesses having Semi -Auto Defibs available to their employees.

The town still maintains a “heart safe” designation from the Department of Public Health and the American Heart Association. This designation formally recognizes not only the Fire Department’s commitment to making our community heart safe but also the commitment of the numerous other town departments, employees and businesses that have purchased AED’s and trained personnel in CPR.

We are also a "safe baby haven".The Safe Haven Act of Massachusetts (2004) allows a parent to legally surrender newborn infants 7 days old or younger at a hospital, police station, or manned fire station without facing criminal prosecution.

In closing, I would like to thank all the members of the Norton Fire/Rescue Department for their loyalty, and dedication to the citizens of this town, and also thank the citizens and businesses for their past and future support to the EMS Division. If you need any further information, please contact the EMS Division @ 508-285-0236.

Michael Wilson NREMT-P Director of EMS

Eric Tynan, NREMT-P Assistant Director of EMS